Effective Resume Writing
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Effective Resume Writing will get you the Job You Deserve!

Your resume needs to be an eyeball sucking – attention grabbing – competition stomping – sales letter that will have your phone ringing off the hook with employer’s begging to interview you!

Let’s be real here – You’ve got 10, maybe 15 seconds for your resume to grab the employer by the eyeballs & get him or her to read it...to dig deeper!

If you don't have an effective resume you're not going to get NOTICED - YOU lose outNo Interview – No job offer!

If you’re like 95% of all people – Struggling to Write Your Resume – then you’ve come to the right place.

Effective Resume Writing will have your phone ringing off the hook

with employers wanting to interview YOU!

Most people don’t worry about it until it’s too late. Who has time to know all this stuff?

  • Should my resume be one page or two?
  • What format should I use?
  • Do I include an objective?
  • Do I need to send a Cover Letter?

Blah, blah, blah, - It’s enough to drive a person INSANE!

Effective Resume Writing is your "Resume Writing Resource Center” – there’s no reason for you to be missing out on the Job You Deserve any longer...we’ve got FREE “How to” advice & tips covering all your resume needs:

  • Outlines
  • Formats
  • Samples
  • Examples
  • Templates
  • Cover Letters
  • Follow Up & Thank You letters

Whether you're...

  • a teacher
  • a student
  • a professional
  • an executive
  • unemployed
  • in the middle of a career change
  • or transitioning out of the military

Effective Resume Writing will give you the "competitive edge" you need to stand out from the crowd.

Did You Know...

Fact #1: Recruiters sort through 1,000's of resumes daily by computer and only 1% of those get a thorough read through.

Fact #2: On the average, employers grant one interview per 245 resumes.

Fact #3: Research revealed that for every 1,400 resumes sent out, there is only ONE job offer!

Fact #4: According to an HR professionals survey, nearly 94% of resumes in circulation (either on paper or in cyberspace) are bad.

Fact #5: One study showed that 82% of job hunters can't prove their top ten skills for the jobs for which they are interviewing.

The only thing separating you from a great job and unemployment -
is an Effective Resume!